Due to the prevailing circumstances with covid 19 and with shipping that does not work out as desired in some parts of the world, we ask our customers for patience for extended delivery times. Particularly affected areas where the delivery time has become longer than normal are the USA and Israel. Pay attention to this when you place your order. Thank you for your patience. 



I can´t find my country from the shipping list, how do I proceed?
Make sure to visit the right region by clicking on the ‘globe’ icon in the upper right corner. 
You will then be able to choose from our 5 different sites and currencies: Global(USD), Europe(EUR), Germany (EUR), Norway (NOK) and Sweden(SEK).
For our Oceania customers, we kindly ask for you to visit our other website: www.aimn.co.nz

I still can´t find my country from the shipping list?
- Perhaps you are the first person to visit our aim´n-world in your country?
How exciting! Contact us at hello@aimn.com and we will help you out.

I have placed an order and not received any confirmation email. 
-This little email has a tendency of playing hide and seek. Kindly check your spam folder and you should find it hiding there.
If you still can´t find it, contact us at hello@aimn.com with the full name that your order was placed in and we will help you out.


I have placed an order but I can´t find it in my account?
- If you have placed an order and created your account afterwards, you can´t connect it to any previous orders. However, all orders made while logged in to your account will be shown!

Have my order been shipped out already?
- You will receive a shipping confirmation from us, kindly check your spam folder for it.
If you still can´t find it, kindly email us your order number and your question to hello@aimn.com. We will then provide your shipping confirmation for you! 

Okay, I might have entered a faulty email address since I can´t find it.
If your shipping confirmation can´t be found there either, contact us at hello@aimn.com and we will provide your shipping information for you!

I need to reset my password for my account.
- Let us help you! Simply click on ''forgot your password?'' and enter your email in the next step. 
You will now get a link to reset your password. Kindly check your spam folder for the email if you can´t find it. 



How do I wash my aim'n tights?
- Your aim´ns are manufactured of great quality to be with you for as many lovely adventures as possible. Wash your aim´ns inside-out, 30 degrees with no softener or bleaching and let them air-dry. 



Before returning any items, kindly read our return policy!

I can´t find my return form?
- Oh no, our sincerest apologies for this! Please contact us at hello@aimn.com and we will send you a new one. 
If you don´t have a printer available, kindly write the following information on a paper: email, name, order number and describe your reason for return in English.

Send this info with your return to us at:

Aim Apparel AB

c/o DSV Solution AB

Industrigatan 13 

195 60 Arlandastad


Have you received my return yet?
- If you have not received a confirmation email from us, we have not processed your return yet. Returns sent to us can take up to 15 business days to reach us and then being processed.

I can see that my return has been delivered, when will it be processed?
- If the tracking status of your return states ‘delivered’, kindly have in mind that it´s delivered to a postal office. We will then have it delivered to our warehouse shortly. All returns will be processed in their sequential order and you will receive a confirmation email once your return is processed.

Can I return different orders in the same package?
- Absolutely! Just make sure to fill out the order numbers and information for both your orders on the return form. So that we easily can process your return once we receive it.

Do you offer free returns?
- We do not offer free returns unfortunately.

I wish to return items for a refund, how do I proceed?
- Simply mark these items with ‘’return for refund’’ on your return form.
Your refund will be made to the same card your order was placed by. You will receive a confirmation email when your return has been processed.

I would like to exchange sale items or into items of a higher price range.
-If you wish to exchange sale items or into more expensive items, kindly place a new order and mark the first order with ’return for refund’ on your return form.
We will then refund your items to the payment method your order was placed by. 


How long does it take for me to receive my order?
- The delivery time is within 1 to 15 working days depending which delivery option you choose. 

My tracking status shows no updates for a while now, why is that?
Kindly have in mind that not all countries have got postal couriers that can track international registered mail. Therefore you could notice a limited number of updates from the day that your package was sent abroad. Your parcel is on it´s way and will hopefully be with you shortly! :)

I have not received my order and it´s been 15 business days since it was shipped. Where is it?
- We apology for the delay of your order. Have you not received your parcel within 15 business days and your tracking status don´t show any updates kindly email us at hello@aimn.com and we will help you!



I´m not sure what size I shall order?
- If you are unsure what size to order, kindly use our size guide for the best help! 
(Please have in mind that our size guide is only for recommendation and guidance.)



I have received a defect item, what do I do?
Our deepest apologies if you have received a defect item.

Email us at hello@aimn.com with clear photos of the faulty item. Describe your errand and we will help you shortly! 

Perfect, I have now sent my email. What happens next?
- I´m glad that you are contacting us! We will get back to you shortly once your errand has been processed.